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Automotive Enthusiasts:

Our media is based on the belief that cars and trucks are more addictive
and fun than just about anything. Hot Rods, Classics, Sports, Trucks,
and yes micro-amphibious-flying-electric-hybrid cars too.
That's who we hang with, that's how we roll.
Our team is committed to providing an entertaining arena for car fans
to get industry news, human interest stories, product news
and interesting, compelling, interviews.
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Bob Lange
Host / Producer of KarKix.
Bob has owned dozens of cars including
a '57 Chevy, a '67 Shelby GT500,
Fiat x 1/9's, Porsches, Trans Ams, MG's,
and more than a few Lexus vehicles.
An award winning video producer,
his radio credentials include ABC and
Citadel/Cumulus radio shows,
and commercials heard nationwide.
Mark Roman
Contributing Editor / Host 
Mark has been an expert in media for decades and is an
excellent radio host.He is an expert in the classic automotive
world. His passion for classics and weakness for fast italian
cars make him a perfect addition to KarKix.
Look for Mark at many of the Concours, Auction,
and Euro Car events! His interviews with the greats
of the classic car auction world are enlightening!
Ellis Martin
Reporter / Images.
Ellis Martin's images are exhibited in NY and
LA as well as on the web. His images are second to none.
He has extensive experience in photographing
the automotive world. Based in Los Angeles,
Ellis has captured much of the exotic and classic metal
rolling in the area, as well as across and outside the US.
His radio credits include highly rated coast to coast
programming and national talent instructor.
We're certain he'll ask the right questions.
If you're on Wilshire Blvd in LA, watch out for his
classic Mustang convertibles!
Don't worry you'll hear them!